iangravell (iangravell) wrote in captsensible,

Re: Last Tuesday night in Narberth

Hey Cap!

What a fantastic night it was! Thanks for introducing us to the band and we had a fantastic night back at The Carreg afterwards! It was a shame you couldn't make it down! Talking to Stu and Pinch afterwards, they reckon you'd love our vegetarian menu, so if you are ever back over our way, please come over and we will make up for the night you missed out on.

Coz Stu, Pinch, Monty, Dave, Nik Turner and all the rest didn't quite drink us dry! But they tried!

Have a great rest of tour and if you can, check out the blog entry on our website www.thecarregrestaurant.co.uk

Stay golden!
Ian and Wendy, The Carreg Café Bar Restaurant, High Street, Narberth.
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